Hi!  My name is Sacha Olson. 

I'm a Graphic Designer and Photographer, living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. 
I studied at Massey University in Wellington. After four years of study I graduated with a Bachelor of Design (First class honours). After working for AB Design creating beautiful books, I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work for an NGO: Partners Relief & Development.
I have spent the last six years telling the stories of the people of Burma/Myanmar. The organisation I worked for was there to provide aid and relief and most importantly sustainable development training for those affected by conflict and oppression in Myanmar. A lot of my time was spent in the office creating, designing and working with the most incredible team of people. I also helped to develop a social enterprise that worked with some beautiful Karen women who weave on traditional back-looms in the mountains of Thailand. These women make up the heart and soul of 'Intertwine'. They create beautiful fabric that is turned into handbags and other merchandise to sell around the world. My role included re-branding, designing products and marketing. It was the greatest privilege seeing these women rise above poverty to provide for their families.
I think design is an amazing tool to inspire change in the world!
I am an outgoing, fun, passionate person, who thinks any day can be improved with a little lipstick. 
I enjoy creating spaces where people can be themselves and feel comfortable. I will take any opportunity to have a good chat, and give some love and support.

I recently moved back to New Zealand, and I'm excited to experience some new adventures here. 
I'm very much available for freelance projects. Please get in touch by emailing me at

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